I Gotta Go With... Junior

I Gotta Go With... Junior

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I Gotta Go With... junior is the kids’ game where Pop Culture Wit meets Book Smarts! Do you have enough of both to beat the competition? Your ability to recall facts from school as well as pop culture knowledge will be put to the test!

I Gotta Go With... junior includes 200 cards that contain a question. Each card has numerous possible answers. Some cards will be school related while others will pertain to movies, cartoons, food, television, etc.

Split into teams and pick a card. Teams take turns answering the card out loud. Repeat an answer, give an incorrect answer or can not think of an answer and the round is over. Win the round and your team wins the card! Obtain 5 cards and you win the game! It’s that easy!

Absolutely anyone of any age can play this game! However, the card content is focused on 8-12 year olds and school curriculums 2nd grade-5th grade. I Gotta Go With... junior will leave you wanting more and still answering days later. Do you think you have what it takes to get a passing grade?