Game Directions

I Gotta Go With… is the ultimate pop culture party game.  The game can be as super competitive, throat punch your best friend, as you want it to be.  Or it can be fun, lighthearted, ice breaker questions.  The creator of I Gotta Go With… has provided you with pop culture questions that have numerous answers. Your job, if you want to win, is to come up with as many correct answers as you can.  The game will leave you wanting more and still coming up with answers days later.  

Instructional Video:

Get ready to play I Gotta Go With... in under one minute by watching the quick overview video.

Full Play:

Split up into teams. The game works best when there are no more than 3-5 players per team.  If there are only  two players, we recommend the Quick Play option, see below. We also suggest you become more social, so you have a group to play with next time.

To start the game, determine which team will go first.  The team with the youngest player will go first since they have not been exposed to as much pop culture.  The team then spins the spinner. Whatever section of the spinner the arrow lands on is how this turn will be played.  That team then selects an I Gotta Go With... card and reads it aloud twice.  Let the fun commence. Once the round is over, it is the other team’s turn to spin and select a card.



After reading the card aloud, the hourglass is then turned upside down. In the allotted time, each team will list, on paper, as many answers for the I Gotta Go With… card as they can. Both teams will share their answers when the time is up.  Any answers that match will be considered void and no points will be awarded. 1 point is awarded to every answer that the other team does not have on their list. See objections below for any disputed answers.  


Head 2 Head:

Each team selects one team member to answer the card independently.  It will follow the same rules and scoring as Listing but only one person per team will participate. (No member of a team can take 2 consecutive turns in Head 2 Head.)  


We Go You Go:

The teams will alternate giving answers aloud to the I Gotta Go With… card chosen.  The team that selected the card will go first.  All team members may participate. There is no limit to the number of answers per player.  If you are playing with more than two teams- you will play until every team but 1 is knocked out.  5 points is awarded to the team that gives the last correct answer without repeating an answer. An Objection can also end the round, see below. However, you may not object to an answer once the next team has given an answer.  Players should decide, prior to playing, how much time they will have to think of an answer, before forfeiting their turn and losing the round.  We suggest 5-10 seconds.  

I Go You Go Challenge:

The team that picked the I Gotta Go With… card will nominate someone from their team to independently answer the card.  The team will also choose the individual(s) from the opposing team(s) in which they would like to challenge.  Scoring and instructions for We Go You Go will apply here.  


If there is a dispute over an answer(s) to an I Gotta Go With… card, the internet is the ultimate judge.  If it turns out the answer was correct, the team that disputed the answer loses 2 points.  If the answer is incorrect, the team that produced the answer loses 2 points.

Changing Cards:

If you choose an I Gotta Go With… card that you do not like, you may trade it in for a new card at the low cost of 3 points.  


Winner, winner, chicken dinner is the first team to 50 points.

If the teams collectively decide to alter any of the game rules, it’s all good.  The purpose of I Gotta Go With...  is to get people together, talking, laughing and sharing their enormous knowledge of useless information.

Quick Play:

For Quick Play you can ditch the spinner.  The teams will collectively decide how they want to play the game.  Maybe you want to answer the questions aloud (ie. We Go You Go), or list answers for all the rounds.  You may want to only play to 25 points.  However you choose to adjust the game is fine, there are no I Gotta Go With… police.

Enjoy and Good Luck!!!